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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 28, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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good morning and welcome to "news4 midday." i'm keith russell. and i'm in for barbara harrison. it's friday, december 28th, 2012. breaking news, d.c. and prince george's police are investigating after a stolen car crashed into a metro bus. jackie bensen just got to the scene and she's live there. jackie, what's the latest? >> reporter: it was a frightening scene here. i'll show you what it looks like as the police are having the metro bus that the stolen car hit, head-on, removed from the area. this is a residential area. there were people walking
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around. we're told that that car, that nissan, came through here at a very high rate of speed just before 10:00 today, barely missed a lady who have been pushing her baby in a stroller. the woman had to swerve out of the way to avoid it. we're told by prince george's county police that the nissan maxima was stolen earlier today from the landover area and was seen in committing several auto thefts. the police saw it. they attempted to stop it. the vehicle didn't stop. at another point, another officer saw the vehicle. it did not stop. and at that point, the vehicle took off and as witnesses tell us here at the scene, at a high rate of speed. now, what we can tell you is that three people were arrested here at the scene, taken from the nissan. the nissan clipped a vehicle, a chevy of someone who was just driving through here. that car was pretty heavily damaged and i understand the driver of the car did receive
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some medical treatment. but as far as we can tell, none of the people who were in the nissan for as banged up as it is, were injured. there were no injuries on the metro bus and crash saep investigators are going to keep this intershake-up here at wheeler road and southern avenue, right at the d.c., prince george's county border. they'll keep it closed some time longer for the investigation. reporting live in southeast washington. va i can bensen, news4. negotiations will resume today at the white house on a deal to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff. president obama will meet with congressional leaders this afternoon with just four days left to reach an agreement. with time running out it appears a deal would likely include a extension of tax cuts for the middle class and a cancellation of scheduled spending cuts. an aide to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the republican senator is eager to hear from the president. new year's is still a few days away but some lawmakers are telling republicans, not to drop the ball on the looming fiscal cliff. news4 tony is live on capitol
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hill where a maryland lawmaker joined the effort. tony, what's the word over there? >> reporter: we've been hearing about this closed-door session president obama is having with congressional lawmakers. but here on capitol hill, they're having a rally today and you can see behind me some folks with starting to gather and this will take place as 11:30. both sides coming together to call for some kind of agreement to have before these possible tax hikes take place. that being said, i want to bring in mr. bob packer. you're a small business owner in herndon, virginia. tell me real quick, if there's no how will it affect your business? >> if tax rates income it will affect me a number of ways. it will hammer my ability to invest in equipment and hire new people. my individual tax rate will increase and that will put additional strain on an already financially-constrained environment and taxes will increase on my customers and that will prevent them from buying my products which reduces my revenue which, in turn,
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reduces the tax revenue. >> that being said, the small business owner community is very big but a lot of you guys know each other. what is the consensus? what is the talk among you guys about what's going on right now? >> i've worked with a lot of small business owners and i think really, a vast majority of those owners are in favor of keeping the tax cuts in place. they're also in favor of letting them expire on the wealthiest of vitds in this country and we think that's what's going to stimulate the economy. >> mr. packer we thank you for your time, again. erika, both sides coming together to call for the president and congressional lawmakers to come to some kind of agreement that starts at 11:30. we'll stay on this and we'll bring you more at news4 at 4, 5:00 and 6:00. that i the latest. back to you. >> tony on the hill, thank you very much. the economy not the only thing on the minds of people. looking outside it looks like the clouds are starting to roll in along with another round of
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winter storm. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson with the forecast. >> hey, keith. another round of snow changing to rain. we're at 38 degrees as far as today goes it will stay dry. your temperature warming to 43 to 44 degrees. call that cool. a lot less wind around the area today as well. as we look at storm team 4 radar, two areas of low pressure. one producing snow to the north and the other a lot of moisture down south around memphis and areas of tupelo, mississippi, right now. all those counties shaded in purple is where there's a winter storm advisory and the snow is sticking a bit longer. two to four inches of snow expected up here with slippery conditions and the snow will start tomorrow morning around 2:00 to 3:00 a.m. it will be shutting off and moving east by the time we get to 4:00. other areas south of here is where it will mix in with rain. we'll talk about the timing of this storm system, more for your neighborhood and the extended forecast that includes new year's eve in a couple minutes. keith? >> see you in a few.
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a check of our mid day traffic. mike cremedas in for danella. hey, mike. a problem southbound, 355 at cedar and the left lane is getting by the water main work. we still have the accident shutting down southern avenue between wheeler road and southeast. that's blocking southbound wheeler road from bellevue to southern avenue on the southbound side. southbound 95 in virginia, a bit slow from springfield to wood bridge. back to you. mike. and new this morning, the springfield sper change is back opened after a deadly crash on the beltway. three people died when a pickup truck slammed into a tractor-trailer on the ramp from the beltway to i-95 around 7:00 last night. the cause is still under investigation. police shut down the ramp as a precaution and the ramp later reopened for the this morning's rush-hour traffic. right now, two of the three men accused of brutally beating a man this summer just left court accused of beating thomas masculine who suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for nearly two months
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after the attack. we have seth outside d.c. superior court. >> gm, keith. >> reporter: 21-year-old tommy branton and sonny coutee pled not guilty before judge richter. these are two of the three men that are accused of beating the man in eastern market earlier this summer. they are facing a total of ten counts of assault, gun charges and robbery and this wipes out the previous two charmings prosecution moved to dismiss those today. police arrested the defendants in late september in connection to the assault and robbery, after maslin was found unconscious on a front porch. that attack left him in a coma tore 60 days. his wife, abigail, was not in court but previously said that he's recovering though he needs constant care. there was a third defendant charged. that's 18-year-old michael mere, moore waved his hearing. he was not in court today. now, keith, no trial today has
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been set. both defendants will be back in court on january 2nd for a status hearing with this new indictment. reporting live from d.c. superior court, seth lemon, news4. >> thank you so much. the time right now, 11:07. thanks for joining us on "news4 midday." coming up, scary moment ms. new jersey as shots ring out at a police station. we'll have the latest on this developing story. and tributes are pouring in for the military leader known as storming norman. and russia's decision to [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios,
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breaking news to tell you about, five people injured in a multiple car crash in rockville. chopper 4 is over the scene. the wreck is at the intersection of rockville pike and templeton place. two are in serious condition. one is being airlifted to the hospital as we speak. the conditions of the three
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others involved is unknown at this time. stay with "news4 midday" as we continue to get information. and we'll send it over to mike cremedas with traffic. erika, the other problem on southern avenue blocked between wheeler road and 13th street in the southeast and that has southbound wheeler closed between bellevue and southern avenue. the problem on southbound 355 at cedar lane. only the left lane is getting by that water main construction. it is causing a bit of delay in each direction and slow southbound 95, springfield to wood bridge. back to you in the stood you. we're following a developing story. a gunman is dead after shooting three police officers in new jersey. investigators say it happened around 6:00 this morning. at a police station in the western part of the state. they say the man with the suspect under arrest somehow got a weapon and shot three officers. one officer was in surgery with two bullet wounds and the other two have minor injuries. police in neerk city are searching for the woman who pushed a man in front of an
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oncoming train and killed him. witnesses say the woman was mumbling and pacing on the subway flat feerm before she shoved the man on to the track. so far it does not appear the victim and suspect knew each other. the police have not released a motive. this is the second time this month someone has been shoved on to the train tracks and killed in new york city. iran state television is reported that the country navy has started training drills. they see 20% of the oil's pass through it. iran has reportedly warned other ships to stay away from the site until after the new year. the state tv report says the programs include warships, submarines and jet fighters. other countries are worried that these tests are another step toward iran developing a nuclear weapon. the military world is mourning the death of the man known as "stormin norman."
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he helped to remove saddam hussein out of kuwait. he says schwarzkopf was in love with america and was possessed by duty. he was 78 years old. his death sparked reaction from many prominent american politicians and military members. former secretary of state colin powell said, quote, america lost a great patriot and a great soldier and his leadership not only inspired his troops but also inspired the nation. and storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson joining us. we have a completely different scenario than we did the other day. it's so cold. >> a little bit of snow, little, little, not much. we're not going to get much from this in most areas around here. the rain will be taking over with this system, i think. let's take a look and go straight to the maps. the best chance of accumulating snowfall will be in this area shaded in blue. so that's around westminster north of baltimore into northern areas of howard county and northern montgomery county and northern loudoun county. that's the best chance of
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accumulating snowfall because as you'll see in a moment, the rain is taking over with this system from areas across southern maryland on up to the north. where is that system right now? we're watching a big area of moisture coming through areas of tennessee, out of areas of southern arkansas and you can see thunderstorms even with it. don't think there will be any severe weather in the form of tornadoes this time. you got an area of low pressure up to the north. the two coming right over us for late tonight and throughout the day on saturday. it certainly will be cold enough. we're in the 30s right now and as we climb to the low to mid 40s, we're already at 41 degrees here we'll drop tonight to subfreezing levels. speaking of freezing that's the way it feels outside. we lost a lot of the wind we had yesterday but still enough wind to drop those wind chill temperatures down to about 31 degrees currently out there. it's not going to be much better in the next couple of hours. once these two areas of low pressure as they race eastward with snow starting at about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning at points west around west virginia.
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you can see there at around 3:30 in the morning coming into the leesburg, manassas and culpepper. we'll have a chance to see snow pick up in intensity as we move through the early-morning hours. if you want to get out, if you enjoy snow, get out early in the day before 11:00 a.m. and certainly before noon. after 11:00 or 11:30, the temperatures will warm up and the rain will eat away at the snow and take over the whole system. it will be out of here by 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon so a fast-mover. it will take a while to get going and then it races out by the time we get to the afternoon hours. points to the west will see a bit more snow as we get into early sunday morning. temperatures, again, in the 20s and that will be cold enough where any conditions up here left snow on the road will make for slippery conditions on sunday morning. as far as sunday afternoon, breezy and cold. two to three inches in these
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areas shaded in white from frederick county, virginia, all the way up to terrell county. frederick county, maryland. one two two inches north. northern howard and loudoun and montgomery. and then snow to rain for most areas and rain down to the south. high clouds increasing and 38 to 43 degrees. for your evening, we're at 32 to 37. and we're still dry for the evening. again, this is a system that i don't think will start producing any snow until we get to about 2:00, 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and when it does it gets going fast. but if you like the show, it's before noontime tomorrow. breezy and cold again so the redskins game coming up. i'm sure you got more on that coming up. veronica johnson, thanks. we'll check back in a few minutes. still ahead, an all-star lineup. cast members from the hit musical "million dollar quartet join us next." and it's a huge weekend for redskins fans. all the info you need for the biggest game the town has seen
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in years.
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♪ it's one for the money ♪ three to get ready well go cat go ♪ some of rock n' roll's biggest hit get the broadway treatment in "million dollar quartet." this brought together icons elvis presley, john, lee cash, jerry lee lewis and carl perkins. and now you can see the remeeting on the kennedy center stage in the show. go of the show's stars are here. guys, how can you describe that first supergroup coming
11:22 am
together? >> i think it's a malange of wildness and abandon and rock n' roll. >> for those that don't know the story, they call came together in this spontaneous jam session in memphis, tennessee? >> yeah. >> in 1956? >> yeah. it was a recording session, actually and jerry lieu lewis was hired to play the piano. johnny cash was in town. elvis was in town and they stopped by and it turned into a jam session. it was so impromptu that the tape was kept running. you can get the originals so we dramatized the night. >> it's a fun perspective of what could have happened if these monsters had stayed together, imagine. >> yeah. >> so martin, you play jerry lee lewis and he's the last living member of the million dollar quartet. what is it like to play that icon's role? >> it's amazing. not a lot of people know what he looks like or really a lot about him but, i'm wild on stage and it's the most fun role to play. it's so much fun. i just get to be wild and crazy. >> you get to do what you do.
11:23 am
>> that's right. >> and, david, you play johnny cash. that must be just as amazing. >> so much fun. i have such an affinity for johnny and he meejs a lot of different things to different people so i try to bring a glimpse of that to honor. >> what would you tell people to inspire them to come out and see the show? >> the show, it's not your typical broadway musical show. it's not that. it's just fun and it's entertaining and if you like this music, and even if you don't like this particular music, if you just like the entertainment music, come and see it. you'll be on your feet and clapping and singing and dancing. it's a lot of fun. >> there's no tracks. we're the musicians. we're the band. there's six or seven up there doing it all. >> one of maier favorite song is "blue suede shoes" what are your favorite songs? >> mine is probably "whole lot of shaking." >> whole lot of shaking going on. >> how can you not love that? it gets everyone up and i dance on top of the piano for a
11:24 am
second. >> i like "prison blues" and "walk the line." i like all those songs. >> you know what i would like really? you guys to give us a quick impromptu sample. can you? >> we're supposed to say eye have to come see the show. >> just a little bit. >> hum a little something for us. >> ♪ well its one for the ♪ two for the show ♪ now three to get ready ♪ now don't you step on my blue suede shoes ♪ >> that's what i'm talking about. thank you so much, martin and david. you guys rose to the challenge. hello, i'm johnny cash. that's the way you started off. >> you should be in the show. >> i want to be in the show. >> who could you play? >> you could play johnny cash. you did it perfectly. >> thank you very much. i definitely will watch it and you can, too. it runs through january 6th at the kennedy center eisenhower theater. tickets are available starting at $80. much more to come on "news4
11:25 am
midday." the time, 11:24. still to come in the next half hour, a heart-break decision how american families are dealing are russia's law that stops adoptions to the u.s. plus, the broadway star and cast member of nbc "30 rk." you can see them live in concert new year's a eve. veronica johnson is back with more winter weather headed our way.
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the possible deal will extend the tax cuts to middle class americans and postpone the spending cuts scheduled to take effect. breaking news on the roads. we'll go right to mike cremedas. what can you tell us? >> it's rough out there right now. rockville pike near country club road, all lanes shut down in each direction because of this series accident. the crews are on the scene clearing it out of the way. here's a map of the incident. another problem, southern avenue shut down between wheeler road and 13th street in southeast from that earlier incident involving the bus. you were speaking about and that's also blocking southbound wheeler road from bellevue to southern avenue. southbound 355 inside the beltway at cedar lane, the left lane is getting by the water main work and it's been there for a while and still a delay. no word on when that will be cleared. erika?
11:30 am
>> thank you very much. a bill signed in russia overnight will have a big impact right here in the united states starting january 1st, the law will ban americans from adopting children from russia. news4 melissa mallot is here. >> this is heartbreaking news for some americans looking to start or expand their families. >> reporter: these videos posted online, american families celebrating their adopted russian babies. happiness on the internet. the u.s. is a biggest destination for adopted russian children with more than 60,000 of them being taken and by americans over the past two decades. meet this family, adopting ben from russia in 2007 and right now they want nothing more than a siblings for him. since last year, they've been applying. >> it's a million pieces of paper. you laugh about it but it really
11:31 am
is quite an intensive process. >> reporter: waiting for another child but this bill could bring an end to their dreams of adding to their family. >> now with this new development it all come to a screeching halt. >> hundreds of thousands of russian children are in orphanages. russian president, vladimir putin signed a bill this morning angry about a new american law targeting human rights violators. >> there's a great irony here in that america speaks out against human rights violations in russia and then russia sort of responds by potentially, denying many thousands of russian orphans the most basic human right of all which is a loving permanent family. >> reporter: the bill has angered some russians who argue that it victimizes children to make a political point. ben's father begging the president to think twice before signing the bill into law. >> just from father to father, president putin, i ask that as a father, just to consider what's
11:32 am
happening to the families that are in process. let us at least go through the process and bring home our children. >> reporter: right now it's estimated 1500 kids are in the process of being adopted by americans. if the law goes into effect january 1st, it looks like those adoptions could come to a screeching halt. just heartbreaking for a lot of these families. erika? >> unbelievable. thank you, melissa. in other news, the man accused of walking into sandy hooerk elementary school in shenandoah virginia with a 2 x 4 is in court this morning. 33-year-old christopher johnson wrote "high powered rifle" on the board. police say he made general statements about school safety. fortunately nobody was hurt. johnson is now charged with disorderly conduct. later this afternoon, the first day of the nation's gun show chan untilly. the same group that interrupted
11:33 am
the nra's news conference last week and say they want stricter regulations when it comes to buying guns into the rules on gun shows are very loose and. >> the rules on gun shows are very loose and the feeling is that this is not the way to protect you and me and our kids. >> reporter: despite the protests, gun stores say they've seen a huge increase in sales because many fear stricter regulations may make it harder to get a gun in the future. and now, an malfunctioning furnace is blamed for a fire at a prince george's apartment complex and now we're hearing the 911 calls for help as people watched the fire race through the building. >> caller: i'm down the street and there's smoke everywhere. >> do you know what the floor it is on? >> caller: it looks like it's on the first floor but it's to the third floor now. >> you can see a window open fire? >> it's going up to the next one and now it's burning the roof. >> window on fire!
11:34 am
first floor. now it's going all the way up to the roof. >> it's like on the roof now. >> the fire caused around $250,000 worth of damage to the franklin park apartments in gle greenbelt. the red cross is helping the families displaced by the fire. hail to the redskins. a little more man 48 hours away from one of the biggest games this area is going to see in years. the skins face the cowboys sunday night with a division title playoff spot on the line. it looks like the team will be largely healthy. tyler columbus is expected to practice. he was out last week with a concussion. a rg3's knee is holding up. metro is staying opened late to get everyone home from the game. trains will run for an exta ahour on sunday. the last blue line train headed to springfield will leave the morgan boulevard station at
11:35 am
12:25 monday morning and the last train headed to largo town center will leave at about 1:30 in the morning. you can watch the cowboys/skins "winner take all" here on 8:20 on sunday night. stick with news4 before, during and after the game for full coverage and highlights. >> so we want to know about the weather but i think fans could care less if there was rain, sleet or snow for the game but we'll check in with veronica johnson with the latest and what conditions are going to be like on sunday. that is so true. it doesn't matter what the weather is going to be like but in fact, it's going to be dry on sunday. some sunshine coming our way but cold and breezy behind this weather system that we're going to have around here on saturday. today, cool and breezy. we do have some sunshine with those high clouds whipsing through the area. gathersburg, maryland, 36 degrees. leesburg, 37. 39 in manassas. not too bad. themselves will rice another
11:36 am
three or four degrees throughout the afternoon but wind chill temperatures will remain as low as they are now. that freezing gaithersburg and leesburg feels like 35 in d.c. low 40s to the south. culpepper and fredericksburg, cool and clouds will move in. your northwest wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. look at the evening planner forecast. here by 11:00 p.m., we'll see snow in far southern virginia. we'll have an overcast sky, 35 temperature by 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. in the morning. snow will be here and it will start picking up. your temperature right at freezing. we'll take another look at how much snowfall we're expecting throughout the area and, of course, the seven-day forecast, too. all that, erika, in a couple minutes. >> take the wlan kets and gloves to the game. >> yes. ear muffs, too. >> we'll be back. and -- here we go. ♪
11:37 am
let's get a check of what's coming your way. starring on broadway and nbc's hit show "30 rock." he's bringing his talent to the kennedy center. jackson brings his show's music of the madmen era to help kick off the new year and he's live in studio now, welcome. >> thank you. >> you're about to help us toast what should be a great year, 2013? >> yeah. this is my first time at the kennedy center. i'm excited. it's been a dream come true to go and play the kennedy center and the first time i'm going to be there i'm going to be on the stage. >> and you're with award-winning actress nina arianda? >> yes. >> does the show have a broadway feel? i know you sold out at carnegie hall last year. >> this is the same show i did at carnegie hall but i mixed it up a little bit. there's some broadway aspect because i'm a broadway baby at heart. but it's definitely '50s and
11:38 am
'60s. we do dean martin, frank sinatra, boss onova. joany mitchell. >> we're all excited. but you know what we're not excited about? "30 rock" coming to an end. >> i know, dude. >> final episode coming up in about a month. >> right. >> are you sad the show is ending if. >> yes. but what a blessing to be on, i think it's the holy grail of come by, i've learned so much from tina fey and alec baldwin and they're so gracious and smart. seven years is a good, long run but, of course, it's a bummer. >> so your run is not over? >> tv, film, music. you have an album coming out? >> i do. i signed with tony atv music publishing so my first album will be out in april of 2013. i'll do a couple of my new songs at the kennedy center. i can't believe i'm saying that. it's so awesome. >> you'll be front and center at
11:39 am
the kennedy center. >> just me and the national simil symphony. what can't you do. >> i can't dunk a basketball. >> you're like 6'2". >> i should be able to but i can't. >> you have no hops? >> i can grab the rim but it's not cute. >> that's your goal. >> right. >> one of your resolutions. do some -- learn how to dunk the ball. give us some details about what folks can expect to see. >> well, it kind of runs the gamut. i really wanted -- my music teachers told me that i was kind of born in the wrong era. my voice is old fashioned and so, i've always kind of gravitated toward the really beautiful, you know, old, the classic american songbook stuff. like i said, dean martin, frank sinatra, there's some amy winehouse in there.
11:40 am
i want it to be a fresh and personal show. so it's kind of -- this is a brand new show for me. it's the basis of what i did at carnegie hall last year and this one is almost sold out, which i can't even believe. there's like a few hundred seats left, really good once. >> you're a popular dude, man, believe it. >> i'm believing it but i'm humbled and grateful to be here. >> great way to help us kick off the new year. >> thanks, man. >> good luck and happy new year. >> thank you, you, too. >> check it out at the kennedy center. some tickets are still available starting at $55. time is 11:40. still ahead, the iphone, ipad and now iwatch? apple may be getting into the time-keeping business. and we have alarming news about counterfeit botox!
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rumor has it that apple is looking to get into the watch business. word is they are looking to develop a watch reportedly featuring an a one and a half inch screen and be blue tooth enabled, the speculation that apple could introduce the so-called, "smart watch" to the list. a class-action lawsuit over some of the new hybrid cars. lawsuit says the automaker fudged the gas mileage capabilities for the 2013 c max fusion and fusion hybrid models. ford said both get 47 miles to the gallon but a recent consumer report study showed that it's actually as much as 10 miles fewer per gallon than they claim. kia and hyundai had to change their mileage numbers after admitting they botched the test process. wall street is keeping a close eye on the fiscal cliff. let's check in with cnbc hampton here son as he joins us live with more and the rest of the
11:45 am
day's business headlines. hey, hampton. >> how you doing. stocks in negative territory. wall street is less optimistic about the leaders avoiding going over the fiscal cliff before the end of the year. at this hour, major averages the dow is down about 67 points. the nasdaq down 9. president obama has called top congressional leaders to a 3:00 p.m. meeting at the white house but lile indication of even a short term plan to avoid major tax hikes and spending cuts from automatically kicking in on january 1st. markets are worried about what happens to the economy early next year. business leaders also want president obama to keep the nation's sports operating if doc workers walk off the jobs on sunday. a strike by 14,000 longshoremen could cripple the flow of goods throughout ports in newark and port elizabeth up in the new jersey area and more than a dozen other u.s. ports. right now, the federally-mediated contract talks appear at a stalemate and no comments from the white house on if the president will use his
11:46 am
authority to impose a cooling-off period. meanwhile, we got more good news on housing. pending home sales rose last month to their highest level in 2 1/2 years. according to the national association of realtors and pending home sales are up, 9.8% in the last 12 months. keith, back over to you. >> that's good news. hampton thanks for checking in. well, in just. past few weeks hundreds of doctors may have received counterfeit drugs including botox. these unapproved drugs are becoming a big problem and can cause some really serious health problems. dr. steven hoppen joins us with more on the reports and how to protect yourself from fake botox. good morning, doctor. >> hi, erika. >> this is alarming. if i go to the doctor and get botox i could be getting fake botox or not botox, period? >> it's possible, in the past year, there have been five fda
11:47 am
warnings about fraudulent, fake, counterfeit botox. this is usually coming from pharmacies in canada. we personally get three calls a week from canadian distributors offering us botox and they say it's the real thing but i'm not sure it's the real thing. >> can you remind people what botox is used for? >> this is -- botox, this is an example of a patient getting botox. 1.5 million treatments this year. so it is safe. but botox is a poison. it is a poison. so the manufacturing of this has to be very careful, very exacting. and it has to be fda approved. so some doctors are receiving botox that's not been fda approved. there's fda approved botox and nonfda botox and we don't know what's in that. it hadn't been tested. >> this is not that you're going to somebody's home or garage to get botox injections. you're going to a doctor's office and you think that you're safe.
11:48 am
>> right. >> and then i think the other thing, too, is that especially right how with financial times, people want things and they want them cheaper. >> everybody is looking for discounts for price point. but with botox, it has to be fda approved. this is a poison. it's not just botox. it's cancer drugs that are counterfeit and people's live we're talking about. there was an episode in florida where people had counterfeit botox and ended up in the intensive care unit so it's serious. most of the time i think the problem is it doesn't work or it's very diluted and it may well be botox but nobody knows. it hadn't been tested. >> we talked about the severity of this but how do we avoid this? how do we avoid the risks? what do we do to keep ourselves if we want to have this procedure. >> again. it is a very safe procedure and millions of treatments are done every day. good doctors don't use bad botox. go to a board certified physician to have it done. somebody that's reputable.
11:49 am
if you're going to a clinic or someone doing it from a hotel room, that's probably -- you're setting up yourself, a red flag. and make sure that -- ask to see the bottle that it's fromm from allergain company and happy new year. >> the time, 11:49. thanks for joining us. still ahead, tommy mcfly is here with celebrities that are making headlines. rolling into 2013. and meteorologist veronica johnson will be back with the final forecast. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios,
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we're following two breaking stories this morning. on the d.c./maryland line a stolen car crashed into they metrobus. the police spotted a car reported stolen early this morning and when they tried to stop the driver it took off and crashed into a metrobus along southern avenue southeast. three people are in custody. and in rockville, five people
11:53 am
are injured in a multiple car crash in rockville. the chopper 4 was over the scene just a few minutes ago. the wreck is at the sbrer shun of rockville pike and templeton place. two in serious condition and one being airlifted to the hospital. rockville pike is shut down in both directions and made jor delays are building. >> with 2012 on the way out this morning, look at the celebrities who made the year and interesting one. tommy mcfly from 94.7 fresh fm is here. hi, good to see you. i haven't seen you in a while. >> great to see you, too. we talk a lot of celebrities here on "news4 midday." the most in 2012 had to be starting off -- >> i was going to say like some of these are bad car accidents that you can't help. you turn and look. >> like lindsay lohan. what a year she's had. we thought she'd come back with "liz and dick." but it was a flop. she was in and out of prison and rehab and probation and all
11:54 am
sorts of things and then the family tweeted out pictures of the dad not being there for christmas this year. >> she's got a stepsister now as well. >> it's been a rough year for her. number two, tomkat, maybe the cat part of tomkat. katy left tom cruise. we left him and now she's on broadway. her and suri are doing great and all the talk about a "dawson's yooirk" reunion. >> and taylor swift? >> she's on everybody's album. biggest album on the planet. she's hilarious and fun. she dated a kennedy. she bought a house near ethel kennedy and now she's in the uk and she was named the moist charitable celebrity of 2012. >> and she's a serial dater. >> all her songs are about dating relationships. >> that's how she keeps the music going. dates new guys. tears them apart and wrooishts a song about them. >> and seth mcfarland? >> i think he's the coolest guy
11:55 am
ever. >> very handsome. >> he's behind "family guy" and he was "gq" man of the year and he was the host of snl and he was nominated for a grammy and not to mention he's the guy behind "ted" the best movie of our generation. and did we mention the gq part? and finally royalty. prince harry for his now infamous trip to las vegas? >> this was the biggest story, i think, in the year. he's like at a pool party and playing naked billiards. i think this definitely caused some problems for people on both sides of the pond. >> looking forward, 2013. who do you think are going to be the a-listers making some top headlines? >> i think we'll still hear from the kardashians, unfortunately. jessica simpson will be pregnant for another 48 months. it's true. it's going to happen. and i think we'll hear a lot more of honey boo-boo this year. >> and they're all making money. >> i would like so have see,
11:56 am
gangnam style, stop and stay in 2012. exit sign left, please leave. >> anybody else you want to see ousted from 2013 making sure they don't show up again? >> i would like to see the kardashians out but we know that won't happen. >> you think her and kanye tying knot this year? like there's a rumors of a $100 million wedding. >> i hope they do it on a private island and never come back. >> 94.7 fresh fm tommy mcfly. where do you get him? i love him. much more from him as the week continued. thanks so much for joining us. >> any time, thank you. here's a look at some of the stories keith? here's your stories we're following on news4 this afternoon. doug's tracking the latest storm that's headed our way. what we can expect to see and when. also at 4:00, a bad turn of events for a man trying to rescue his dog that had fallen through thin ice. how the man ended up needing
11:57 am
to be rescued himself. and -- stick around for news4 at 5. the epic rivalry, epic, between the redskins and cowboys. redskins beat them down thanksgiving day and this one is for all the marbles, winner take all! we'll have a look at how fans plan to prepare for the sunday nice face-off! >> i was waiting for you. >> hi. >> sunday night face-off! >> i tried to squeeze in. veronica johnson, she'll talk about snow. >> not for today but for tomorrow. tomorrow morning starting at about 2:00 a.m. through 4:00 a.m. we'll see the snow move in. by 11:00 a.m. it will mix with rain. before that, roads could be a little slick. if you like the snow get out early because the rain will eat away at the snow and take over. areas north, and way in those areas, white oo up around hagerstown and westminster and
11:58 am
far northern maryland, that's where the most snow will be. the big game on sunday, brezy conditions with a high of 38 degrees. new year's eve we're cold going into it and may see a storm develop on new year's day during the afternoon. >> all right. we look forward to maybe a white new year's day. that would be wonderful. >> it would be. >> have a great weekend. >> happy early new year. thanks for joining us.
11:59 am


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